Created: 28 December 2022, 00:23:42 CST
Last updated: 15 December 2023, 11:57:30 CST


Datakits are a species of manmade ferrets comprised of computer code and energy! They can manifest in both the physical and digital world. They are often found spending their time in the digital world, be it in computers or on the world wide web!

Datakits are a closed species, meaning you need to obtain a Make-Your-Own (MYO) slot to make one! We don't claim the concept of digital ferrets, we only ask that you don't make characters with the species name "Datakit" attached without obtaining one through MYO, Custom, Raffle, or Adopt.

Every first time owner (FTO) gets a FREE MYO that incudes up to 3 uncommon traits! Subsequent MYOs can be obtained via raffle, event, or buying them with USD or our species currency, Bytes!

This website, the Datakit Cache, is the hub for mechanics such as MYO approvals, masterlist uploads, purchasing items with Bytes, etc.! We also have a Discord server where the community can chat, ask questions, share their Datakits, and more! 

We hope you enjoy your stay here!