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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page! Here you can (hopefully) find the answers to any questions you may have about the species! If you can't find the answer you're looking for, you may ask in the #help channel in our Discord Server or in the comments section of our Toyhou.se World! Please do not message staff on their social media with species questions. Please read this thoroughly before asking your question!

GENERAL/Beginner Questions:

What are Datakits?

Datakits are a closed species of manmade ferrets comprised of computer code and energy! They can also be other mustelids (Weasels, stoats, wolverines, etc.) or mephitidae (Skunks & stink badgers). In canon, they can manifest in both the physical and digital world, crossing between the two at will. When in the digital world, they spend their time inside code, on desktops, on the Internet, etc.!

Datakits can be viral, where they can cause damage to computers and other technology; antiviral, where they can prevent and repair damage; neutral, where they do not impact the wellbeing of computers either way; or any combination of these options! Datakit functionality can vary.


What is a closed species?

A closed species is a community centered around character designs that follow a standard set of guidelines and mechanics. Closed species have a set of traits grouped into different rarities that can be present on individual character designs. Character designs in a closed species often share a world, and users are encouraged to imagine and depict their characters interacting with other characters within the species. 

Character designs cannot be made without permission from the staff or without utilizing a MYO slot and still be recognized as part of the closed species. You may design a character outside of the species using the traits and ideas provided by Datakits, but we ask that you do not refer to such a character’s species as a ‘Datakit’.


What is this website and how do I navigate it?

This website, referred to as either The Datakit Cache or Datakitcache.xyz, is the central hub for the Datakit community and is where the species’ mechanics are located. For information on how to navigate this site and use species mechanics, please visit our Site Guides page.


Is the Discord Server/Toyhou.se World mandatory to join?

Neither are mandatory, but it is highly recommended to join the Discord Server, as this is where the staff and community are most active! The server provides a place where you can trade resources and Datakits with other users, and an easier way to contact staff for concerns or feedback!

Participation in the Toyhou.se World is completely optional.


How can I obtain a Datakit and what are the restrictions?

There are various ways to obtain Datakits, but the most common way is to create one yourself via a MYO [Make Your Own] slot! There are three types of MYOs: Circuits, Airdrop Circuits, and Data Bundles.

Datakits work in a trait system: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Exclusive. Datakits can have any number of common traits added for free. You can use items known as USBs to give a Datakit any Uncommon, Rare, or Exclusive traits, depending on the USB's color, which correspond to the assigned color for each trait type. As the trait types imply, the rarer the trait, the harder it is to obtain the corresponding USB!

Yellow USBs will give you Uncommon Traits, Pink USBs will give Rare, and Black USBs will give Exclusive! You can purchase Yellow and Pink USBs in the Bytes Shop [more info on this below], but you can only obtain Black USBs from participating in events, as a prize, or by trading another user for one.

As for the MYO types, all 3 of them have their own applications:

Circuits are the most common type of MYO! These come only with common traits, but as stated above, you can use USBs to add more traits to them.

Airdrop Circuits are a type of MYO that lets you crossbreed 2-5 preexisting Datakits into one brand new one [you do not need to own the parent kits, you just need to have permission from the owner]! These Datakits must at least somewhat resemble the parent kits. As for traits, a Datakit made with an Airdrop Circuit can inherit any traits from the parents, with the exception of Exclusive traits. If you wish to add Exclusive traits to a Datakit made with an Airdrop Circuit, you can still use Black USBs. You can also use other USBs to add traits missing from the parents.

Data Bundles are also known as Freebie MYOs, as anyone can obtain one for free! This is limited to one Data Bundle per person, however, and they cannot be transferred from person to person. These come with unlimited common traits, and up to 3 uncommon traits! You can think of these as a little thank you for taking interest in the species!


How exactly do I get my Data Bundle? Why do some users have 2 of them? How do I earn the other MYO types?

To generate a Data Bundle, you need to have an account on our website. When you're logged in, simply go to the right side of the navigation menu, hover over "Submit" right next to your username, and then click "Create Free MYO"

If you're on mobile, the navigation menu can be found by tapping the three bars on the top right. The submit button will be towards the bottom, right above your username.


There are a handful of users who have 2 Data Bundles because before moving to our website, we kept track of Freebies [as they were known then] via a spreadsheet, and when we moved to the website, there was no way to prevent people who used their Freebie previously from generating a new one. So to keep things fair between people who did and didn't use their Freebie, we decided to allow everyone who was part of the species prior to the website to have 2 Freebie opportunities by gifting a 2nd Data Bundle to anyone who hadn't used theirs!

And as for obtaining other MYO types..


How do I obtain Items/What are Bytes and how can I earn/use them?

There are multiple ways to obtain items, including:

  • Purchasing items with Bytes via the Byte Shop. Please note that some items cannot be obtained via this method.
  • Purchasing items with real money via the cash shop channel in the official Datakits Discord Server. Please note that some items cannot be obtained via this method.
  • Claiming discarded items in the Recycle Bin.
  • Receiving an item from the Monthly Zip File available once per month in Dailies.
  • Winning items via raffles held by the staff.
  • Earning items via event participation.
  • Trading for items with other users. Selling items for real money is not allowed.
  • Being transferred items from other users as a gift.


Bytes are The Datakit Cache’s fictional currency that can be earned via species participation. Actions that can be done to earn Bytes include:

  • Submitting creative works via either criteria rewards in the Art Redemption gallery for 2D art or the Other Art Redemption prompt in Prompts for non-2D art.
  • Winning Bytes via raffles held by the staff.
  • Participating in events.
  • Trading for Bytes with other users. Selling Bytes for real money is not allowed.
  • Being transferred Bytes from other users as a gift.

As mentioned above, Bytes can be used to purchase items in the Byte Shop. They may also be utilized to purchase other things such as items from an Event Shop or a gacha slot when such activities occur.


Do Datakits have any lore?

Yes! Datakits do have official lore that can be read here.

That said, the lore is absolutely not mandatory for users to follow when coming up with stories/backgrounds for their characters. Feel free to diverge from the lore. 

The official Datakits lore is what The Datakit Cache recognizes, so references to it will be made occasionally, but a user does not need to know the lore in order to enjoy the species.


Do I need a Datakit to participate in species activities or to earn Bytes/Items?

Nope! While the intended experience is for a user to have at least one Datakit, all species activities can be done by drawing other users’ Datakits (With permission). As long as you have an account, you can earn Bytes and items via this method.


Can I use real money to buy Bytes/Items?

You cannot use real money to purchase Bytes, but you can use real money to purchase items.  

To purchase items with real money, you must be in the official Datakits Discord Server in order to access the cash shop channel. There, you fill out the form in the channel’s pinned message, and a staff member will DM you where you can send your money (Currently, we only take payments through PayPal, Ko-fi, and Venmo). Once the purchase has been confirmed, a staff member will transfer you your purchased item on-site.


What is Art Redemption and how do I do it?

Art Redemption is the main method of earning Bytes in The Datakit Cache. The process involves submitting creative works that you made for free (Not commissions or pieces done for Bytes) and being rewarded with Bytes.

Detailed instructions on how to submit pieces for Art Redemption are located in the Art Redemption + Gallery Submission Guide.


What are Awards and how do I earn them?

Awards are badges displayed on your profile that you can earn through participation in the species. The full list of awards is located here. In order to see the award requirements, simply click on the award you wish to view, and the description should outline what a user must do to earn it. Please note that some awards cannot be earned by everyone and are only given to specific individuals, such as users who have been with us before the site’s opening.

In order to claim an award you are eligible for, you must submit a request via the Award Redemption prompt in Prompts. You will be given your award(s) after your request has been verified by a staff member. Even if you are eligible for an award, you will not be given it until you submit a request for it.


What does this item do?/I don’t understand this trait!/What’s this award?

Please make sure to read the description of any item, trait, or award you wish to know more about. The description usually contains any specific information pertaining to that specific item/trait/award.  

If the description does not address what you wish to know, feel free to ask your question in the help channel in the official Datakits Discord Server. A staff member will then address it as soon as they’re available to do so.


Approval Process Questions:

I got what I need to make a Datakit! Do I need to make it right away/do my items expire?

No! Your items will never expire, so there's no rush to make your design.


I designed my Datakit! How do I use my MYO and items?

Detailed instructions on how to use MYO slots and items can be found in the MYO Use + Redesign Guide.


It’s taking a long time for my submission to be approved! Did staff miss it/Did I do something incorrectly?

No! Staff will never miss a submission, as all submissions will enter a queue. When something is in the queue, we will be notified of it until it is no longer in the queue. If something in your submission was done/listed incorrectly, we will reject it and it will be sent back to you to fix. If it's taking a long time, staff are either busy [we all have lives outside of Datakits!] or there is something about the submission that needs discussed. Do not bother staff about your submission if it's taking longer than expected, we will get to it in our own time.


I made a mistake on my submission and I need to fix it!

Let us know in the #help channel in our Discord Server or in the comments of our Toyhou.se World and a staff member will reject your submission for you to fix! Please include the submission number and/or your site username.


Design Questions:

Can I make a Datakit inspired by a fictional character/song/media?

Yes, we refer to these as CBCs [meaning Content Based Character]! There are no restrictions as long as the Datakit follows the species rules and what they are based on is not part of our CBC Blacklist. We may make additional rejections where we deem necessary, but for the most part, anything goes.

There can be several CBCs based on the same thing, as long as they are visually distinct from one another! CBCs also may not resemble their source too heavily or we will have to reject, to avoid any issues with copyright.


Can I make a Datakit based on a real person/a real person’s avatar/fictional version of themself?

No, unless said person is you.


Can someone else design my Datakit for me?

Yes, but you will still need to use your own MYO items.

You can also order an official custom design from a staff member in the Discord Server, these will not cost you MYO items but will instead cost USD/Bytes! In any other circumstance, even if it's still a design made by a staff member, you will need your own items.

Some staff however will accept official customs where you use your own MYO items and only pay for the design!


Am I allowed to preplan a Datakit design/make a design to be approved later if I don’t have the necessary items yet?

Yes! However, these designs must be kept private and you may not use them for artwork/events/etc. until you choose to get them approved.


Are there any color/marking restrictions?

No, aside from the few things that are traited. We try to avoid traiting colors/markings as to not limit creativity!


Does [this design feature] count as [that trait]?

Depends! Please check the trait description before asking in the server.


I want to update my Datakit’s design/change the masterlist image after it’s been approved! How do I do that/What needs to be submitted for a redesign?

Detailed instructions on how to redesign a Datakit can be found in the MYO Use + Redesign Guide. Changing the image but not the design uses the same process as minor design changes.



The site is giving me an error message/an image isn’t updating!

Try clearing your cache/hard refreshing. This has been shown to help with a variety of issues. 

For issues with images, make sure the image is 2000x2000 pixels or smaller. The site can have trouble with images larger than this. 

If these tips do not help, feel free to reach out to a staff member, and we can see what we can do.


I can’t find my verification email!

Try checking your Spam folder and Promotions folder, as it may have been automatically sorted in either of those places.


If you didn’t find an answer to your question here, you can ask in the Discord Server or on the comments of the Toyhou.se World!