Art Redemption

Submit artwork and writing that you wish to redeem for Bytes here!
Remember to submit pieces to the Art Redemption prompt on-site after they have been added to the gallery.

- All submissions must first be posted to the on-site Art Redemption gallery before they can be redeemed!
- Only pieces that were made for free can be redeemed! This includes personal art, gifts, and trades. Anything that was created in exchange for currency of any form is not eligible for redemption.
- All artwork must be original. Art created on a base (including YCHs) may not be redeemed for Bytes.
- All pieces must include at least one Datakit. All Datakits must have a masterlist entry. Non-Datakit characters will not count towards the total payout.
- All staff calculations are final. Art and writing are calculated at a set rate, whilst other pieces will be rewarded on a case-by-case basis at staff discretion.
- For a guide on how to redeem artwork via the gallery and fill out criterion, view the guide here!