Terms of Service

Created: 28 December 2022, 00:23:42 CST
Last updated: 28 June 2023, 17:34:10 CDT

The Datakit Cache/Datakitcache.xyz is a free-to-play art/CS-based roleplaying website (ARPG). Thank you for choosing to be a part of our community! Our Terms of Service outlines rules regarding all aspects of The Datakit Cache policy, specifically referring to website use and/or other aspects that are related to it.

All members are required to read and abide by the Terms of Service when using our site! Failure to do so may result in infractions, permanent bans, etc. Claiming to have not known about rules (they are easily accessible via the footer of the page) will not cause punishment for breaking them to be revoked or lessened. By using our site, you are inherently agreeing to the Terms of Service, as well as our Privacy Policy. Please be sure you have reviewed our Privacy Policy upon creating an account.


  • In order to access/use parts of our services, you will be required to create an account! When making an account, you are agreeing to provide us with accurate, full information, including a valid email address and a DeviantArt/Toyhou.se/etc. account.
  • Do not share your password or login information with anyone! Compromisation of your account is your own fault, not the sites. Please contact us if you need assistance in the event of a doxxing/etc.
  • Creating a new account to avoid a ban/suspension is not allowed!
  • Impersonating another individual/theft of characters/art is not permitted under any circumstances.
  • The Datakit Cache may suspend or permanently ban your account at our discretion, without notice or explanation, regardless of your conduct or submitted content if we deem it fit.


  • Our Community Is Intended To Be PG-13/safe for work
    • NSFW (not safe for work), suggestive artwork/writing/discussion, and any content that may not be suitable for those 13+ is not tolerated on this site, our Discord server/affiliated servers, nor in any public area, not limited to this website, that is accessible to minors/those underage. This also applies to "SFW" fetish depictions.
    • Minors found to be participating in anything NSFW related/adults found to be participating in distributing/exposing minors to NSFW/other inappropriate content hold grounds for an immediate ban and account deletion.
    • It is impossible for staff members to be aware of all activity outside of our communities, and cannot be held accountable for being unaware of NSFW/inappropriate works that are posted where such artwork is permitted. In light of this, please alert a staff member/species owner ASAP if you become privy to NSFW work that is being shared or produced within the community so that it can be dealt with by us accordingly.
  • Please Maintain Polite Conduct With Our Staff/Species Owners (And All Members Of Our Community)
    • Fighting with, aggression, demeaning, etc. with/to our staff members for upholding our terms of service/general rules/community guidelines is unacceptable behavior, and may result in infractions.
    • Attempts to bribe staff members for priority/lenient treatment (overall or regarding infractions, etc.) will result in a suspension. 
    • If you find a problem with any of our staff members (eg, inappropriate behavior, TOS violations, etc.) you may bring the matter to either of our species owners privately, and violations will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Please Avoid PROHIBITED Topics Within Our Community
    • Negative/self deprecating remarks, such as guilt-tripping, begging, gossiping, ranting, venting, vaguing, and name-dropping are unacceptable and may warrant warnings or suspensions/bans. 
    • Discussion of religion, substance abuse (drug and alcohol use), and other sensitive topics is prohibited within our website and Discord server. Discriminatory behavior, as well, (racist, sexist, transphobic, ableist and homophobic behavior) is prohibited and may warrant an immediate suspension or account deletion.


    • All work you post on our site should be your own original work. Art theft (tracing, copying, reposting, stealing, claiming artwork that isn't yours, etc.) can result in punishment, and if extreme enough, potentially account termination/blacklisting.
    • If you recognize any work that you feel has been stolen, traced, or reposted, please do not hesitate to reach out to a staff member so we can resolve the issue.
    • You are free to draw mascots, NPCs, your own Datakit characters, other users’ Datakit characters (with permission), etc.
    • Some mascots/NPCs have Toyhou.se account profiles linked. Your artwork may be added to their Toyhou.se galleries unless you/the owner of said NPC explicitly deny permission.
    • You are also welcome to submit your mascot/NPC/other Datakit-related character artwork to their respective galleries
    • Unapproved designs/re-designs, concepts, and other misc. species are not accepted for art prompts/event submissions/etc.
    • Please make sure any and all content you submit to the site complies with our community guidelines (no NFSW works, no prohibited content, etc.)
  • Virtual currency
    • The Datakit Cache has items and currencies that can be traded/earned across the community/website. The sale/trade of these items to others for real currency or currency besides The Datakit Cache's own virtual currency (Bytes, etc.) or personal works such as art is prohibited.
    • Currency is not sold officially for real currency, nor has official USD/etc. conversions. 
    • Items can be purchased with The Datakit Cache’s own virtual currencies (which can be earned entirely for free), traded, earned via events, and/or purchased with real money via the cash shop channel in the official Discord server. Some items are not for sale with either virtual currency or real money and must be traded/earned instead.
  • Real currency
    • Freelancing is allowed and encouraged in the Datakit community, as long as you abide by our guidelines.
      • Commissions: As long as the product is SFW, you are free to make any artwork in or out of the community of any Datakit characters. However, any art that is made with real currency is not applicable to be redeemed for on-site virtual currency.
      • Datakit customs: These are perfectly fine to make as long as you have a MYO slot, and as long as the customs traits  match those of the slots and/or any additional MYO items you may be using. 
    • Datakit characters cannot be sold for real currency without a mod-designated resale value, available to view on the characters masterlist entry. We are currently working on appraisal rules.
    • Because freelancing is allowed in the Datakit community, you have the potential of being scammed. We cannot be held liable for any such instances, but you are free to reach out to us and we will do our best to deal with reports/any scammers and work to stop such things from occuring again.
      • When commissioning/trading, please follow safe practices, use common sense, and keep frequent communication with anyone you may be commissioning/trading with. We are not liable for any scams, and we cannot refund you for anything you may lose from unsafe commissioning/trading.
    • The Datakit Cache is currently run out of pocket, and is not paid for via community donation.


    • Minor or first-time violations may have warnings issued. Repeat offenses may result in suspension. 
    • We reserve our right to skip past warnings/suspensions at our own discretion, depending on the severity of the incident and/or issue.
    • If you are suspended from our Discord server and continue to cause issues, you may be subject to banning/account termination. If you are suspended from both and continue to cause issues, we may add you to a public and permanent blacklist. (Only in very severe cases.)
    • Permanent bans may be appealed after an appropriate amount of time has passed, but are not guaranteed to be lifted.
    • Consequences of repeat violations/suspensions can include but are not limited to: limited/revoked privileges (participation within group activities: making MYOs, participating in events, joining our Discord server, resale limitations, etc.), account suspensions/terminations, a permanent, public ban, and in the most severe cases, PSAs.
    • If you are banned from The Datakit Cache:
      • All existing Datakit characters under your name will be voided. You will still retain ownership, but they will no longer be officially recognized as Datakits. You cannot claim them as part of the species at this point. You are not permitted to create more Datakit characters, trade for them, buy them, participate in activities, associate with the group, etc.
      • Any and all group currency/site items you may own will become void and unusable, and they cannot be transferred to other unbanned users. 
      • If your ban is permanent, we may add your name to a public blacklist.


    • Datakits is a closed species. This means that a character from said closed species cannot be made without a MYO (make-your-own) slot, which in The Datakit Cache, we try to make very easy and almost entirely free to get, tying in with community participation.
      • We do not claim to own any of the traits our species has, or any combination of said features on a character design as no closed species are inherently 100% original. However, the species' combination of lore, traits, world, other group features, etc. that make up the species is The Datakit Cache's own intellectual property.
    • Any characters/content posted to our on-site masterlist is watermarked to protect its owner’s copyright.
    • We may revise our Terms of Service at any time without notice. However, we will update our users on any changes to make sure all are aware of what is expected of them. Any content displayed on The Datakit Cache can be modified, edited, deleted, reclassified, or added to at any time by The Datakit Cache staff without notice. Content and services are provided as is and when available, and our services are not guaranteed to be accessible to all users at all times.
    • Our site is built via Lorekeeper ARPG framework, and mechanics and features currently present are subject to changes without notice. We are always trying to improve our site’s functionality, appearance, and accessibility to make it the best it can be. Temporary site errors or outings may occur due to these changes, but most outings will be announced ahead of time if possible.