Changes In Plans

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Changes In Plans

Hello, Pixels! We have some important changes in plans to announce!


Winter Event Cancelled - Bigger Things On The Horizon!

The event this month that was mentioned in the December 2023 newsletter has been cancelled in order to make way for a larger event. We will announce the new event when we get close to it going live, so please stay tuned!


Some Festivities

Although a full-blown winter event will not happen this year, there will still be a couple festivities to celebrate the wintertime and new year!

  • Gift Art redemption boost! The Gift Art multiplier for Art Redemption will be boosted from today to January 31st! Specifically, the Someone Else's Kit and Staff Kit multipliers will both be increased to +30%! Drawing the mascots and other NPKs owned by the Hudson account will remain the same at +35%. Make someone happy by drawing a bit of gift art this winter!
  • New Year's Raffles on Discord! On New Year's Eve, we will be holding some design raffles and a Laserdisc raffle in the Datakit Cache Discord server! If you're interested and not in the Discord server, please consider joining us here!


That's all for now! We hope you have fun this season!


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